DataLoad is a tool which loads data on other applications
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DataLoad is an integrated tool whose main purpose is to load data on other applications, especially on ERP and CRM systems, as well as on Oracle E-Business Suite.
This tool can send data to the target application in a fast manner and it is possible that the target application may not process the received data with the same speed. In order to avoid possible errors resulting from the discrepancies between the processing times of the two applications, DataLoad integrates a delaying system designed to occasionally stop the tool from uploading data on the target application, so that the latter has the time necessary to process received data. The time delay will be set by users according to their preferences and by taking into consideration the characteristics of the target application.

Additionally, in order to keep track of the actions undertaken on the target application, users can record their activity by using the "Macro recording and encoding" function which is available on the main screen of the tool. The keystrokes and mouse clicks, as well as the data transferred to the target application will be recorded and displayed in a separate window.

All in all, DataLoad makes data transfer to other applications an easy and quick job. it's a useful tool for those who wish to add supplementary data to other applications available on their PC. Having a user-friendly interface, the tool can be used by both experienced users and those who are less initiated.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • High transfer speed
  • Delaying system for data processing
  • User-friendly interface


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